BWH Stepping Strong
Marathon Team

BWH Stepping Strong<br />Marathon Team

BWH Stepping Strong
Marathon Team


“Running inspires me. It’s how I have done my own healing after facing tough times in my life, and it’s also how I remember loved ones. Running with Stepping Strong taught me that, with support and determination, we are capable of overcoming even the most severe of challenges.” —Anne Tucci, 2015 team

“It felt good to raise funds to advance trauma healing as part of the Stepping Strong Marathon Team. Crossing the finish line was a good sense of accomplishment. It was a rough race, but to be able to finish and know that I was running for Stepping Strong made it all worth it.” —Kyle Rogers, 2016 team

“Running the Boston Marathon wearing the Stepping Strong singlet was a life-changing experience. The team camaraderie, the endless support on weekend runs, the weekly messages from the Brigham, and constant gratitude from the Renys put everything into perspective. Have your “perspective” moment. Change lives, including your own, and run for Stepping Strong.” —Tynan Friend, 2015 team

“We live a long way from Boston so I was not aware of the broad support for Stepping Strong in the city. Wearing the Stepping Strong singlet seemed to transform me to royalty. The members of the team I met on race day were awesome. I definitely plan to support Stepping Strong runners in future Boston marathons.” —Win Porter, 2015 team

“Running for the Stepping Strong Team has changed my purpose for running the Boston Marathon. Instead of running for myself, I am now focused on supporting this amazing cause. It has been fun getting my hometown community involved—it’s cool that residents of a small Michigan town are now passionate advocates of Stepping Strong!” —Kim Aeschliman, 2015 team

“Thank you so much for having me on Stepping Strong team. It was both a privilege and honor to run for the Reny family and BWH! It will be a memory I will always cherish.” —Stephen Teague, 2016 team

“Running the Boston Marathon was a life-changing experience … a gift I wish I could give to everyone else. I’m so glad I was able to join the Stepping Strong team with so many great people.” —Dan Rosquete, 2016 team

“I was very proud to be running with Stepping Strong and representing such a wonderful cause. When the wind was blowing straight in my face running up Heartbreak Hill, I thought of Gillian, and it helped me keep going. I am honored to have been part of this team and will continue to support this cause for many years to come.” —Katey Mirch, 2016 team

“One of my closest friends is a police officer who received a traumatic injury while on the job. Once an active person who loved sports, she is still learning how to walk again. I ran the marathon with Stepping Strong in her honor, and feel privileged to raise funds for trauma research.” —Jaime Wilkinson, 2016 team

To learn more about running with the 2017 BWH Stepping Strong Marathon Team, contact Caroline Duncan at or 617-424-4263. Learn more about the mission and vision of the Stepping Strong Center.