BWH Marathon Team

April 20, 2015

BWH Marathon Team

“The support of the team was unrivaled and I would recommend anyone who believes in BWH and their life-changing work to look into the BWH Marathon Team!” - Nate Lamar, 2014 Team Member

Thank you for your interest in our 2015 Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) Marathon Team! If you'd like to join our team, please fill out an application.

A proud partner with the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.), the BWH Marathon Team runs to raise funds in support of life-giving medical breakthroughs that will transform the future of medicine for patients and families here in Boston and around the world.

Our team has a rich legacy of supporting world-class patient-centered care, groundbreaking research, community programs, and education for the next generation of healthcare leaders. Since 1998, BWH’s team has raised more than $6.6 million.

Make a difference in the lives of patients and families for generations to come by joining us and running with our 2015 BWH Marathon Team. We welcome your participation and promise to take good care of you—from start to finish.

BWH Team Experience

The BWH Marathon Team is more than a group of runners. We are a family—one that is dedicated to supporting life-giving breakthroughs across all disciplines and disease areas at BWH.

Our team is comprised of first-time runners, experienced marathoners, BWH employees, grateful patients, and friends who want to participate in our marathon program and represent the hospital.

Here are some of the benefits we offer our runners:

  • Fundraising assistance including a fundraising website and valuable emails with advice, tips, and helpful hints to keep your fundraising total growing
  • Personalized training including weekend runs, weekly hill runs, and a dedicated team of professional athletic trainers and physical therapists to prepare you for race day
  • Branded team apparel and other BWH swag
  • Team-building meetings with information about fundraising, nutrition, and marathon weekend activities and logistics
  • Team socials where BWH runners can meet and mingle
  • A dedicated water/snack station during long-run training
  • Team pasta dinner the evening before the race for runners, their family, and friends
  • Worry-free logistics including a heated VIP tent in Hopkinton the morning of the race, breakfast and much more
  • A post-race celebration for runners and their families to receive lunch, complimentary massages, and immediate access to trainers and physicians

Why We Run

Life. Giving. Breakthroughs.

These three words evoke what we at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are all about. Our mission centers around life—discovering new treatments for disease, and improving the quality of life for our patients and their families, locally and globally.

This year, BWH runners will support life-giving breakthroughs across all disciplines and disease areas at the hospital. The funds we raise will make it possible to truly advance the kind of care we offer our patients. Here’s how:

  • By accelerating cures—in areas such as neurosciences, where BWH is launching the world’s first preventive clinical trial for a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s
  • By transforming patient care—in areas such as cancer, where our treatments will become more personalized and precise as we map mutations that have never before been recorded
  • By investing in capital projects, like the Brigham Building of the Future—where collisions of collaboration will truly transform medicine, and our Newborn Intensive Care Unit—where we care for our tiniest, most vulnerable patients
  • By educating and inspiring the next generation of healthcare leaders—who will perpetuate life-giving breakthroughs for generations to come

Thank you for your shared commitment and passion to achieving life-giving medical breakthroughs that will transform the future of medicine. We look forward to cheering you on to the finish line on April 20!

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