BWH Stepping Strong
Marathon Team

BWH Stepping Strong<br />Marathon Team

Rock climber Jim Ewing fell 50 feet from a cliff, leaving him with severe damage to his left leg. After the accident, Ewing chose to have his leg amputated, becoming the first patient to undergo a revolutionary Stepping Strong-funded procedure that allows him to control and interact with his prosthesis like a natural limb.

BWH Stepping Strong
Marathon Team


Funds raised by the 2019 BWH Stepping Strong Marathon Team will help transform trauma research and care at BWH and beyond. Together, we:

  • Fund groundbreaking projects and innovators that address clinical problems impacting both civilian and military patients, including the Ewing Method, a revolutionized lower extremity amputation first featured on CNN
  • Train the next generation of plastic surgeons in advanced and innovative techniques for treating acute and complex traumatic injury with The Stepping Strong Plastic Surgery Trauma Fellowship—the first fellowship of its kind
  • Transform cutting-edge research in limb reconstruction, advanced stem cell technology, bioengineering, wound healing, and other trauma-related areas
  • Support the Stepping Strong Research Scholars who investigate bone and skin regeneration in trauma patients
  • Advance multidisciplinary collaboration in orthopaedics, plastics, emergency medicine, and trauma care
  • Join forces with military leaders and experts in the global community to ensure best practices in emergency preparedness


“When I discovered the Stepping Strong team, I was sold. I thought to myself, ‘I need to do this’. I’ve seen firsthand how the funds raised help doctors and researchers develop better ways to help and heal patients. Being a part of the Stepping Strong team provided me the opportunity to give back in a different way.” —Kimberly Cardillo, 2018 team

“I love the Boston Marathon because of the energy, camaraderie, and kindness that surrounds every runner and circles the whole city and Stepping Strong is at the center of that positivity! I am so impressed by how much the center has grown and accomplished and can’t wait to see it continue to grow and accomplish the unthinkable!” —Rachel Bliss, 2018 team

“It was an honor to be run in support of the Stepping Strong Center. To know who and what I am running for made all the difference when my legs were cramping and my muscles were begging me to stop running. There is nothing like representing the Boston Strong spirit that defines our city on such an emotional day.” —Matt McGaffigan, 2018 team

“We live a long way from Boston, so I was not aware of the broad support for Stepping Strong in the city. Wearing the Stepping Strong singlet seemed to transform me to royalty. The members of the team I met on race day were awesome. I definitely plan to support Stepping Strong runners in future Boston marathons.” —Win Porter, 2015 team

“Being a part of the BWH Stepping Strong team has been such a rewarding experience. It is amazing to see how strongly people feel about this cause. By spreading awareness about trauma research and care, I have received unbridled support and enthusiasm from Boston residents, as well as family and friends throughout the country.” —Olivia Tomeo, 2015 team

To learn more, contact Caroline Duncan at or 617-424-4263. For information about about Stepping Strong news, events, and funded program areas visit