Community Fundraising Terms and Conditions

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  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital may request, at any time it determines that the event is likely to be injurious to the image of BWH, that organizer removes all references to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in any and all event communications, whether oral or written.

  • All events must be approved annually and should fit the mission of and convey the appropriate image for BWH. Brigham and Women’s Hospital reserves the right to request additional information before approving a fundraiser and reserves the right to decline approval or withdraw as beneficiary at any time if there is a conflict of interest or the fundraiser no longer aligns with BWH standards.

  • The BWH Development Office must approve – prior to use by the event organizer – any use of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital logo or name of the hospital, affiliated physician and/or program.  Brigham and Women’s Hospital, an affiliated physician and/or program must be identified as the beneficiary of the event, not the sponsor.

  • All invitation lists for events, including hospital staff, must be cleared through the BWH Development Office.

  • If the sponsoring organization/individual plans to solicit contributions, sponsorship or in-kind gifts from area businesses, the list of potential business sponsors must be reviewed and approved by the BWH Development Office before being approached in any way.

  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital is not financially or otherwise liable for the promotion and/or staging of fundraising events by any third-party organization or individual.  The sponsoring organization/individual may not incur any financial or other obligations on behalf of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

  • Events must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fundraising, gift reporting and special events. Third-party fundraising organizations/individuals must provide insurance certificates as required by local, state and federal laws.  Brigham and Women's Hospital cannot be held responsible in any way for casualties and/or situations that occur at your fundraising event/promotion.

  • If Brigham and Women’s Hospital will not be receiving all of the net proceeds from the event or promotion, then the exact percentage of the proceeds to benefit BWH must be stated clearly on all advertising, promotional and print collateral.

  • The sponsoring organization/individual must submit event net proceeds, made payable to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, within sixty (60) days following the event.

  • Under no circumstances may an individual or organization keep any portion of the net proceeds as profit or compensation for organizing the event.