The Connors Center

The Connors Center for Women’s Health and the Division of Women’s Health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are committed to improving the health of women and transforming their medical care.  The Connors Center works with divisions and departments throughout the hospital to organize collaborative initiatives to improve patient care by integrating leading-edge research about women’s health into clinical practice, developing pilot clinical programs targeting specific populations and areas of women’s health, and providing care for all aspects of women’s health throughout the life span.  In addition, the Connors Center:

  • Conducts and promotes research on sex- and gender-based biology, and the impact of sex and gender on disease, health outcomes and the delivery of care
  • Builds awareness of issues related to women’s health and gender biology among clinicians, patients and the general public
  • Educates leaders with the experience and skills to have a major impact on improving the health of women
  • Develops programs to build leadership in women’s health globally
  • Advocates for changes in public policy to improve the health of women

Connors Center ReportThe Connors Center was launched 10 years ago thanks to your generous support. Today, as we celebrate a decade of research, clinical care, leadership, and advocacy on behalf of women’s health, we are proud to present a comprehensive report, which captures the vision and considerable accomplishments by Connors Center faculty, researchers, and staff. Read the full report.


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