The Great Brigham Playdate

The Great Brigham Playdate

The Great Brigham Playdate


Below are just some of the care initiatives and research projects being done at BWH that will be supported by funds raised through The Great Brigham Playdate.

Test to Predict Prematurity
All babies born preterm, even if only a few weeks early, are at greater risk for serious health problems. A team here at BWH recently identified a unique protein signature that exists in the blood of women who are destined to deliver prematurely – their next step is to create a simple blood test to predict prematurity.

Nursing support
Nurses often become beloved members of a new baby’s extended family, providing warmth and care and treating each child as if she was their own. Continuing education, simulation training, stress reduction and meditation are some of the top priorities for the nursing staff.

NICU family support services
NICU stays are often unexpected and can cause significant emotional and financial stress. We are seeking to create a formal program that focuses on supporting the mental health of parents during and after their NICU experiences.

Center for Child Development
The Center will provide vital services to NICU graduates and their parents – clinical evaluations, support for parents, feeding and nutritional assessments, clinical and developmental evaluations and preschool readiness testing.

Neonatal Brain Research Program
The only one of its kind in the world and designed specifically for the premature baby, our Newborn Medicine’s MRI machine is helping investigate the underpinnings of cognitive delays, Autism, Down Syndrome and propose unique and personal intervention care regimes.

Preserving, and even restoring, fertility for cancer patients and survivors
As more and more adolescent girls and women survive after receiving cancer diagnoses and treatments, they are considering having children. CIRS is dedicated to restoring fertility to women who have won their battles with cancer, allowing them to have families.

Navigating high-risk pregnancies
BWH is world-renowned as a destination hospital for high-risk pregnancies, with women traveling across the world to receive care here. Whether it’s chronic conditions, such as severe cardiac issues or epilepsy, multiples pregnancies, or life-threatening conditions such as placenta accreta or preeclampsia, BWH staff guide mothers through their pregnancy with individualized care and treatments.

Transition to Home
Leaving the hospital with a new baby is challenging, be it after an uneventful birth, a stressful pregnancy or a stay in the NICU. Programmatic support with home visits from nursing when needed can reduce readmittances, easing the transition to home and intercepting concerns while addressing any risks.