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The Butaro Doctor’s Housing Project in Rwanda wins award
Funded by the Daniel E. Ponton Fund, The Butaro Doctor’s Housing Project in Rwanda captured first prize in the Buro Happold Effectiveness Award. Despite a wealth of great entries, the panel was enamored with the housing project, which has inspired dignity, fostered community, and laid the groundwork for sustainability of the Burera District’s rural healthcare system. Read more in the Palm Beach Daily News and World Architecture News.

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Ponton Fund honors first full-face transplant surgeon
Bohdan Pomahac, MD, the doctor who performed the first full-face transplant in the United States, was honored at the annual Palm Beach dinner dance to benefit the Daniel E. Ponton Fund for the Neurosciences. The event took place December 17 and began at Neiman Marcus with a reception and book-signing by Harry Benson and Hilary Geary Ross of their book, New York, New York. Read more.

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Dallas Wiens receives nation’s first full-face transplant
View video clips of Dallas Wiens and his family before and after Wiens received the nation's first full-face transplant at BWH in March 2011. View video.

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BWH in Rwanda
Learn how the Ponton Fund is helping to transform healthcare in Rwanda. View video

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Reflections from Daniel E. Ponton
After I turned 40, my body started changing. At first, I noticed small differences—glasses, weight gain, depression, anger, short-term memory loss. I shrugged them off as middle-age aches and pains. I resolved to be athletic again, but the more I practiced my tennis game, the more difficult it became to finish the hour. And I started missing my backhand—really missing it, like a kid who swings for a whiffle ball and slices air. Read more.

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Why I Give
Describing himself as lucky to be treated at BWH for a brain tumor several years ago, Daniel E. Ponton reflects on his reasons for helping the hospital: "What you need most are the things that powerfully affect your life with integrity and heart." View video.