Governor Speaks with Hospital Leaders on Opioid Crisis

Governor Speaks with Hospital Leaders on Opioid Crisis

Brigham and Women's Health Care President Betsy Nabel, MD, with Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker

From the campaign trail to town meetings, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker repeatedly encounters people whose lives have been devastated by opioid addiction. At a May gathering of the President’s Advisory Council of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Baker highlighted these conversations and the steps state government is taking to combat the crisis.

“This very well could have affected my family,” Baker said, describing how his oldest son took pain medications for several months for sports injuries. “I feel a sense of personal commitment to help.”

Working closely with health experts, Baker’s administration has crafted and passed four pieces of legislation tackling the opioid crisis, including prescribing requirements and education for physicians.

Following Baker’s remarks, Brigham and Women’s Health Care President Betsy Nabel, MD, led a question and answer session with the audience, which opened a conversation about the importance of prevention.

“Having this kind of open dialogue is so important,” says Nabel. “The Brigham is committed to developing best practices around addiction and prevention, and welcomes the partnership of government and local communities.”