Us Plus One

The Us Plus One campaign is a movement to ensure everyone benefits from studies showing the differences between men’s and women’s health. Be a One. Join us today.

Serious health problems like lung cancer, heart disease, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease affect men and women differently—down to the cellular level. Yet women are still underrepresented in medical research that informs their treatment and care.

The Mary Horrigan Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) is committed to changing this. By raising national awareness, improving our understanding of how disease manifests differently between the sexes, fueling critical research in gender-based care, and influencing public health policy, we are fighting to ensure women in Boston and around the globe are getting the care they deserve.

Our efforts are bolstered by the support of two volunteer leadership organizations: The Women’s Health Leadership Council and the Women’s Health Board of Advocates. These two membership groups serve as a powerful voice in making sure women’s health is not left to chance for current and future generations.

Transforming women’s health is a bold and ambitious goal that requires a large community of support. Knowing there is strength in numbers, we created the Us Plus One campaign to recruit new members to the Women’s Health Board of Advocates.

Be a “One”

Please accept our invitation to join us. You will become part of a bright, accomplished, and passionate group of women dedicated to promoting and protecting women’s health. The Board of Advocates has three overarching goals: (1) to amplify the mission of the Connors Center to improve and transform women’s health worldwide; (2) to raise awareness to ensure women’s medications, medical devices, and treatment is gender-specific rather than based on male physiology; and (3) to raise funds to advance policy, research, and clinical care.

Advocates who agree to support the Connors Center with an annual gift of $1,000 or more for a minimum of two years receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to Connors Center leadership
  • Invitations to women’s health-focused events with opportunities to network with Boston business leaders
  • Tools for hosting events focused on women’s health advocacy
  • A twice-annual newsletter with pertinent information about the status of women’s health
  • The opportunity to serve as an ambassador of a movement that is transforming the care of women around the world

Don’t leave women’s health to chance. Join the Board of Advocates and be a “One” today.

For more information, contact Katie DiBella at or 617-424-4333.