One Team, One Dream

One Team, One Dream

Heralding a new era of comprehensive and innovative heart and vascular care, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) has launched a superstructure called BWH Integrated Cardiovascular Services (ICS). This new governance will promote interdepartmental collaboration to bring discovery and advances to the patient for all heart- and vascular-related diseases. The ICS group aims to achieve the best experience possible for the patient by encouraging experts across all disciplines to work together closely to attain a greater level of performance through sharing and solidarity.

Proclaiming the BWH ICS as the next chapter in heart and vascular services, newly appointed Chief of Cardiac Surgery John Byrne, MD, and Executive Director of the Advanced Heart Disease Center Mandeep Mehra, MD, (pictured above), will co-direct these specialized units of nurses, anesthesiologists, imaging specialists, interventionalists, surgeons, and other professionals in surgery and medicine.

“These units will be hubs of innovation, discovery, and clinical care built around both common and uncommon heart and vascular problems that confront us,” said BWH President Betsy Nabel, MD. “These may range from rhythm disturbances to breathlessness to saving lives by developing total artificial heart transplants and minimally invasive trans-aortic valve replacements.”

The ICS positions BWH as a world leader in heart and vascular care by creating synergy beyond the traditional cardiovascular training, research, and clinical programs. ICS will provide unique resources to increase innovative research programs for current and new doctors, develop new and improved education and research facilities that foster teamwork, and provide state-of-the-art technology and devices for all its partners.

Leading patient care is only a piece of the ICS puzzle; the program also aspires to enhance teaching and practice. With unique developmental opportunities in cardiovascular surgery and care, BWH strives to be a primary destination for top residents to train and become experts in transformative care. “They will work together as one team to develop best practices in research, translate that knowledge to the patient bedside, and create enduring value for the community,” said Nabel.


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