BWH Gains 75 New Residents in Internal Medicine Program

BWH Gains 75 New Residents in Internal Medicine Program

Joel Katz, MD, pictured third from left, leads residents on rounds.

Each year as spring slowly emerges, new beginnings are just around the corner for medical school seniors across the nation who anxiously wait to see if they match with their top choice residency program. This year on March 21, on what’s known as Match Day in the medical community, an independent organization called the National Resident Matching Program alerted tens of thousands of soon-to-be-residents that they were selected for a hospital training program to start this summer.

Only 75 of those eager students gained acceptance into BWH’s internal medicine residency program, which was recently ranked by US News and World Report in their first-ever survey of physicians as one of the top residency programs in the country. Participating doctors nominated BWH over 600 times for the distinction—twice as often as the next highest ranking residency programs.

Director of BWH’s Internal Medicine Residency Program Joel Katz, MD, warmly recalls his own Match Day experience as he looks forward to ushering in the hospital’s next wave of recruits. “It’s a very exciting day for the students—they find out where their future is—but it’s also a very exciting day for the hospitals because so many of our faculty members come from our residents,” says Katz. “It’s a real validation of what we do and gives me great hope for the future.”

Watch this video to see the excitement Match Day generates at BWH. Also, be sure to read US News and World Report to see how BWH ranked in a survey of leading medical residency programs.