Celebrating the Simbolis’ Commitment to Asthma Research

Celebrating the Simbolis’ Commitment to Asthma Research

Elliot Israel, MD, Anthony J. Simboli, and his father, Anthony C. Simboli

To celebrate the Gloria M. and Anthony C. Simboli Distinguished Chair in Asthma Research, more than 50 of the Simbolis’ family and friends, with members of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital community, gathered in the Building for Transformative Medicine on November 1.

The Simboli family’s generosity established the chair to honor inaugural incumbent Elliot Israel, MD, the director of the Asthma Research Center. Israel plans to use the chair’s endowment to strengthen faculty training opportunities and expand research into the causes of asthma and new treatments for asthma patients.

Paul Anderson, MD, MPH, chief academic officer, senior vice president of research, and host of the celebration, lauded the Simbolis for their dedication to patients and families affected by asthma.

“Tony and Gloria are longtime leaders in supporting our hospital’s crucial mission and advancing our life-changing work,” Anderson said. “They are providing Dr. Israel with the opportunity to advance teaching and mentoring opportunities, recruit and train the next generation of gifted practitioners, and advance asthma research and clinical work. Their dedication and philanthropy inspire us all.”

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