Transplant Success for 82-Year-Old

Toshiko Linton and her surgeon, Stefan G. Tullius, MD, PhD.Breakthrough research
conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows that organ transplants have an improved success rate when a donor and recipient are more closely matched in age. When Toshiko Linton needed a kidney transplant at 80 years old, her doctor used this principle to match her with the best possible donor.

Following her evaluation with the multidisciplinary team at the Schuster Transplant Center, Toshiko was thrilled when she heard the news that she was, in fact, a suitable candidate for a transplant.

“Toshiko received an organ from an older donor, which allowed her to receive a kidney transplant earlier; moreover, as Toshiko is older, she required fewer anti-rejection medications and had a very positive transplant outcome,” said her surgeon, Dr. Stefan G. Tullius, MD, PhD, chief of the Division of Transplant Surgery.

Now 82, Toshiko is happy, healthy, and living proof that transplant surgery doesn’t have age limits.

“I enjoy having my life back,” she explains.

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