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Monday, April 15, 2024


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Applications are now open for the Brigham Stepping Strong Marathon Team

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The Brigham and Women’s Hospital Stepping Strong Marathon Team is a community dedicated to transforming outcomes for civilian and military trauma patients in Boston and around the world.

Team Perks

  • Personalized training from team coach
  • Team physician to prepare you for race day
  • Branded team apparel
  • Fundraising assistance
  • Team meetings, socials, and events
  • Inspirational speakers and surprises
  • Memories that you will cherish forever

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Apply today to support the life-changing work of The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center

The Stepping Strong Story: Turning Tragedy Into Hope

In 2013, Boston was changed forever when a beautiful Marathon Monday turned into a senseless tragedy. Gillian Reny, then a high school senior, was one of the 39 critically injured patients rushed to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where doctors and nurses saved her life and both of her legs. In gratitude to the Brigham, the Reny family established The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation to help other trauma patients like Gillian regain their strength and ability to step strong once again.

Rock climber Jim Ewing fell 50 feet from a cliff, leaving him with severe damage to his left leg. After the accident, Ewing chose to have his leg amputated, becoming the first patient to undergo a revolutionary Stepping Strong-funded procedure that allows him to control and interact with his prosthesis like a natural limb.

Why We Run

Why Raise Funds For The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center For Trauma Innovation?
Tragically, traumatic injuries and events have become all too common in recent years. Trauma is the number one cause of death for people 46 or younger, ahead of cancer and heart disease. Nearly $700 billion a year is spent on decreased productivity, lost work, and medical costs for trauma survivors. Yet, trauma remains an underfunded, underrepresented medical discipline. Your participation on the Brigham Stepping Strong Marathon Team can make a profound difference.

Stepping Strong To Advance Trauma Research

Run to propel interdisciplinary trauma innovation, research, and care for the benefit of patients worldwide.

“Trauma is killing a lot of people and Stepping Strong is sending a powerful message in response. I am so excited to support them as they work hard to improve the lives of patients and their families.”
—Juan Herrera-Escobar, MD, 2018 team

Stepping Strong For Boston Strong

Run to turn tragedy into hope, and to honor the spirit and outpouring of kindness that defined our community in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

“I ran the 2014 Boston Marathon for Gillian—my baby sister, my best friend, and my greatest gift. I ran for the community of supporters, survivors, responders, doctors, and nurses who saved our family in myriad ways. And I ran to finally cross that finish line in 2014 with the conviction that there is so much good in this world.”

—Danielle Reny, 2014 and 2015 teams

Stepping Strong For Our Military Heroes

Run to fund innovations that will benefit the more than 50K military personnel wounded since 9/11.

“During my deployment to Iraq, I saw firsthand the impact of trauma, both physically and mentally. I run with BWH because Stepping Strong is a great platform to help survivors of traumatic injury.”
—Tom Steinbrunner, 2016 team

Stepping Strong For Those Who Can’t

Run to honor the spirit or memory of a friend or family member who has passed away or struggled with illness, trauma, or other devastating hardships.

“I was introduced to Stepping Strong when my friend, Jackie, was injured in a horrific boating accident and tragically lost one of her legs. I ran the marathon in 2018 to support Jackie and all others affected by trauma and in support of the hospital that was there for her through it all.“
—Joann O’Brien, 2018 team

Stepping Strong To Give Back

Run as a way to say thanks for receiving exceptional medical care that has improved your life or the lives of your families and friends.

“In 1993, I had a traumatic injury to my right arm resulting in severe nerve and tendon damage and the loss of four fingers. I ran the Boston Marathon to give back and say thank you to the Brigham doctors and nurses who took such good care of me.”

—Stephen Teague, 2016, 2017, and 2018, and 2019 teams

No words will ever fully express my gratitude to the doctors and nurses at BWH who saved my life and legs in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings" —Gillian Reny

What We Support

The mission of The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation is to catalyze multidisciplinary collaborations that inspire groundbreaking innovation, effective prevention, and compassionate intervention to transform care for civilians and military heroes who endure traumatic injuries and events. Stepping Strong funded initiatives are making a profound difference for trauma patients and their families worldwide. To date, the center has raised more than $27 million. But much more needs to be done.

Trauma is often referred to as the neglected global epidemic of modern society as it accounts for 43 million hospital visits and an economic burden of $2 trillion per year. It is the number one cause of death for people 44 or younger, ahead of cancer and heart disease — and every 3 minutes, someone dies from a traumatic injury. When you support a member of the Brigham Stepping Strong Marathon team, you are helping the Brigham turn tragedy into hope for civilian and military heroes worldwide who have suffered devastating traumatic injuries.

Funds Raised By The Team Will:

  • Fund groundbreaking projects and innovators that address clinical problems impacting both civilian and military patients, including the Ewing amputation, a revolutionized lower extremity amputation first featured on CNN
  • Train the next generation of plastic surgeons in advanced and innovative techniques for treating acute and complex traumatic injury with The Stepping Strong Plastic Surgery Trauma Fellowship—the first fellowship of its kind
  • Transform cutting-edge research in limb reconstruction, advanced stem cell technology, bioengineering, wound healing, and other trauma-related areas
  • Partner with experts across the Brigham and Harvard Medical School to reduce the number and severity of traumatic injuries through the Stepping Strong Injury Prevention and Intervention program
  • Support the Stepping Strong Research Scholars who investigate bone and skin regeneration in trauma patients
  • Advance multidisciplinary collaboration in orthopaedics, plastics, emergency medicine, and trauma care
  • Join forces with military leaders and experts in the global community to ensure best practices in emergency preparedness

In Their Own Words

“The virtual experience and team support were amazing. We look forward to running again.”
–Charles and Pauline Santry, 2020 virtual team

“The support the Stepping Strong Team provides is above and beyond what I imagined. The experience of running with Stepping Strong has been so incredible!”
—Sameera Mathan, 2019 team

“When I discovered the Stepping Strong team, I was sold. I thought to myself, ‘I need to do this’. I’ve seen firsthand how the funds raised help doctors and researchers develop better ways to help and heal patients. Being a part of the Stepping Strong team provided me the opportunity to give back in a different way.”
—Kimberly Cardillo, 2018 team

“I love the Boston Marathon because of the energy, camaraderie, and kindness that surrounds every runner and circles the whole city and Stepping Strong is at the center of that positivity! I am so impressed by how much the center has grown and accomplished and can’t wait to see it continue to grow and accomplish the unthinkable”
—Rachel Bliss, 2018 team

“It was an honor to run in support of the Stepping Strong Center. To know who and what I am running for made all the difference when my legs were cramping and my muscles were begging me to stop running. There is nothing like representing the Boston Strong spirit that defines our city on such an emotional day.”
—Matt McGaffigan, 2018 team

“We live a long way from Boston, so I was not aware of the broad support for Stepping Strong in the city. Wearing the Stepping Strong singlet seemed to transform me to royalty. The members of the team I met on race day were awesome. I definitely plan to support Stepping Strong runners in future Boston marathons.”
—Win Porter, 2015 team

“Being a part of the Stepping Strong team has been such a rewarding experience. It is amazing to see how strongly people feel about this cause. By spreading awareness about trauma research and care, I have received unbridled support and enthusiasm from Boston residents, as well as family and friends throughout the country.”
—Olivia Tomeo, 2015 team


With Gratitude To The Reny Family

Thank you to the Reny family for generously sponsoring our Brigham Stepping Strong Marathon team. This gift will help advance the crucial work of The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation, which catalyzes research collaborations to transform trauma care, injury prevention, and intervention for civilians and military heroes.

“It is remarkable to reflect on how far we have come since establishing Stepping Strong. A fund has given rise to a physical center, seed money has been leveraged into larger federal funding, and a small group of family and friends has grown into a global community of physician-scientists, runners, and philanthropists. It is our honor to sponsor the Stepping Strong Marathon Team and provide additional funding that will continue to propel the center’s programs forward.”
—Audrey Epstein Reny, Co-founder, Stepping Strong Center, and Advisory Board Chair


Does the Brigham Stepping Strong Team accept matching gifts?
Many companies match employee charitable contributions. You can check with your employer to see if your company has this program and ask donors if their employers match gifts. Many companies issue matching gift checks quarterly or semi-annually. Therefore, if you plan to use a match to reach your fundraising minimum, it is your responsibility to contact the matching company to ensure the match and then send the Brigham the matching gift information. Matching gifts can be counted towards your fundraising if you advise the team appropriately.

What type of training will I get?

We engage a running coach, John Furey, to lead the physical training efforts for our team. He leads all personalized coaching with teammates of all running levels—from beginners to experienced marathoners. You can visit his website,, to learn more.

What is the Brigham’s relationship with the Boston Athletic Association?

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a proud partner of the B.A.A.’s Boston Marathon Official Charity Program. Thanks to the support of B.A.A., the Brigham is able to raise critical funds to support The Stepping Strong Center with a goal of accelerating multidisciplinary trauma care for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the application open?

The application open date is determined by the B.A.A., but we anticipate they will open on or around September 11.

Who can apply to run the Boston Marathon with the Brigham Stepping Strong Team?

Anyone 18+ years old by race day and who believes in the mission of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is willing to commit to raising critical funds to support The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation. First-time runners, experienced marathoners, Brigham employees, grateful patients, and friends are all welcome to run with the Brigham’s Stepping Strong Marathon Team in one of the most elite road races in the world.

What does The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at the Brigham do?

The mission of The Stepping Strong Center is to catalyze multidisciplinary collaborations that inspire groundbreaking innovation, effective prevention, and compassionate intervention to transform care for civilians and military heroes who endure traumatic injuries and events. To learn more visit

Can qualified runners join the team, and if so, what is the fundraising commitment?

Yes! Anyone who secures a bib on their own and is registered through the B.A.A. can join the team. Qualified runners are asked to commit to a fundraising minimum of $1,000 and must complete an application.

When will I know if I am on the team?

Each application will be reviewed by a selection committee and runners will be accepted on a rolling basis. We send out updates throughout the recruitment period and have the intention of filling the team as quickly as possible.

What is my personal fundraising commitment?

Runners who need a Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) bib number will be responsible for raising a minimum of $7,500 as set forth by the B.A.A. Top consideration will be given to those applicants who commit to raising more than $8,500 and who provide a detailed fundraising plan to support their commitment. We encourage all fundraising commitments to be met by marathon day. However, the deadline to fulfill your fundraising commitment is June 1, 2024.

All teammates running for the Brigham Stepping Strong team will be required to have an on-line fundraising page on TeamRaiser.

When is the fundraising deadline?

Runners of the 2024 Brigham Stepping Strong Marathon team are responsible for meeting 3 fundraising deadlines:

January 31, 2024: $2,000 fundraising threshold
March 31, 2024: $5,000 fundraising threshold
June 1, 2024: Remaining fundraising commitment

All team members must provide a valid credit card per the runner contract (sent to runners when accepted to the team) to participate. If you do not reach the $2,000 fundraising threshold by January 31, 2024 and the $5,000 fundraising threshold by March 31, 2024, we will charge the difference to the credit card provided. If you do not reach your fundraising commitment by the June 1, 2024 deadline, we will charge the difference to the credit card provided.

What happens if I need to withdraw?

Should you need to withdraw from the team for any reason, including injury, you will need to inform us in writing at before January 1, 2024. If your spot on the team can be filled from a waitlist, you will be released from your fundraising commitment. If your spot on the team is not filled before the official list of 2024 Boston Marathon Program runners is submitted to the B.A.A. in late-January, you will still be responsible for your fundraising commitment. B.A.A. bib numbers are non-transferrable once the paperwork is submitted to the B.A.A. Any donations raised and received by the Brigham will not be refunded, even if you cancel before January 1, 2024

Do I have to pay any fees to join the team?

All Brigham Stepping Strong Team members are required to pay an entry fee to the B.A.A. (subject to change per the B.A.A.) that is separate from your fundraising efforts. The Brigham covers all other program expenses.


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