World-Class Patient Care

Every day, people from around the world turn to the Brigham for unparalleled care and expertise. Each patient has a unique story—stories of healing, new beginnings, and hopes for a healthier future for themselves and their loved ones. Your generosity makes countless inspiring stories of hope and healing possible.

There was a chance—a hope—that I could become a mom. The Brigham turned my hope into reality.



Plagued by heart issues her entire life, Jasmine Taylor faced seemingly insurmountable odds to fulfilling her dream of becoming a mom. But thanks to the expert care she received at the Brigham—coupled with her own fierce determination—Taylor and her husband, Damon, welcomed their healthy baby boy, Jaydan, into the world in July 2018.

From the moment I came to the Brigham, I knew I was in good hands. As a patient, that’s how you want to feel.



Brian Mushlin was only 40 when he was diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer. When chemotherapy failed, Mushlin, a police officer and father of three, was faced with bladder removal surgery and the possibility of having to wear a urostomy bag at all times. Fortunately, Mushlin was able to undergo neobladder reconstruction at the Brigham, an innovative procedure that rendered a bag unnecessary. Today, his cancer is in remission, and he’s resumed his active lifestyle.

I’m able to really enjoy the simple pleasures in life once again.



Duane Schmidt’s essential tremor was so severe, it made everyday tasks—like drinking coffee, buttoning a shirt, or typing and writing—difficult. Then he learned about a novel procedure at the Brigham that changed his life. After clinicians performed the noninvasive surgery, called focused ultrasound therapy, the tremor on Schmidt’s right side was resolved, allowing him to enjoy that morning cup of coffee—and so much more.

World-Class Patient Care by the Numbers

  • 48,966 inpatient admissions
  • 2.9M outpatient visits [including virtual visits]
  • 42,009 surgical cases
  • 7,053 births

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