The Brigham Catalyst Society

A spark of innovation. A changemaker. A champion of the next bold discovery. The Brigham Catalyst Society celebrates generous donors who have made gifts or pledges of $100,000 up to $1 million in support of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. Through their philanthropic support, these members spark and enable major medical breakthroughs. By fueling the work of our hospital’s most innovative and forward-thinking researchers, caring clinicians, and dedicated educators, our Brigham Catalyst Society keeps our hospitals at the forefront of medicine.

With deep gratitude, the Brigham is pleased to offer the following recognition and gratitude programs to our Brigham Catalyst Society members:

  • Invitation to events featuring Brigham thought leaders
  • Personal contact in the Brigham Development Office
  • Recognition on the donor wall located on the H. Richard Nesson Pike, the main thoroughfare of the hospital
  • Biannual issues of Breakthroughs Because of You donor newsletter
  • Annual issue of the Brigham’s award-winning magazine

To learn more about The Brigham Catalyst Society, please contact Sally Mooney, Associate Vice President of Development, at 917 976 0710 or

The Brigham Catalyst Society donor wall