Strengthening Breast Cancer Care

When Tracy Roberge learned her younger sister had breast cancer, one of her first thoughts was to call her friend and neighbor, Margaret (Peggy) Duggan, MD. As chief medical officer of Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital and surgeon in the hospital’s breast center, Duggan has helped countless patients and families beat breast cancer.

“During a horrible moment for my family, Peggy was immediately there for us,” says Roberge. “She reviewed my sister’s case and told us exactly what we should do. She made something that was so scary feel less awful.”

As Roberge’s sister began treatment near her home in New York, Duggan stayed in touch and lent a supportive ear whenever she was needed. Meanwhile, Roberge learned more about Duggan’s work.

“I immediately knew I wanted to get involved with the Patient Navigator program,” Roberge says. Moved by how the specially trained clinical staff guides patients and families through the physical, emotional, and logistical challenges of breast cancer care, she wanted to find a way to help. For the past few years she has supported the program, increasing her commitment to $100,000 this past year.

“It’s wonderful to know about this great resource for women who are going through what my family did,” Roberge says. “I hope we can create a ripple effect that will help even more women and families like mine.”